Nana's Little Ones Daycare - Their Home Away From Home
At Nana's Little Ones our teachers implement the Creative Curriculum in the classrooms.  With this curriculum most of the day is child centered as we do believe that children learn from play.  Children have a 90 minute center time in the morning where they get to visit various centers in the classroom and move from one activity to another at their own pace.  We respect that each child learns and develops at their own pace.  The centers that the children may choose to participate in are, block play, dramatic play, fine motor activities, art, library, discovery, sensory, and music and movement.  Along with child directed activities we incorporate teacher directed small and large group times so children are able to share stories and experiences with the class and understand the feeling of unity that comes with being a part of a group.  During these group times the teachers allow children to give ideas and take note of what the children are interested in to aid in the development of weekly lesson plans.
  Our teachers create lesson plans which follow weekly themes and the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.  These standards encompass guiding principles, development, performance and program standards for the delivery of quality education and care to young children.  Activities and centers are planned based on the developmental levels of the children in the classrooms.  Teachers are guided through the Creative Curriculum and the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards when planning the developmentally appropriate activities for the children in their care.  They also plan around the children's interests to keep the children interested in the activities and open to learning new things.  Lesson plans are posted in all of the classrooms for parents to see and get insight as to what their children are learning while at Nana's Little Ones.